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The link to the site also allows you to see other videos of Elk and wildlife in the menu selections if interested. I receive a newsletter in my email once a month from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) with a neat video included, and this one was extra special I thought with the Cow Elk in it just "playing away" having a good ol' time. I don't know how to embed a video in a post, so you'll have to click the link below to watch it, and I've also included a copy of the email below and how to subscribe to them in the future if you want.

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Our goal is to keep it that way forever. See for yourself what we mean in the next edition of ELK COUNTRY CHRONICLES, as we feature just a few of the 5 million plus acres we have either protected or enhanced and the animals that call it home. Thanks for all you do for elk country and please.......
Want to see your photos in the next ELK COUNTRY CHRONICLES? Send us your best LIVE wildlife shots--If we like what we see, we'll use it in a future slide show.
If you were forwarded this email and would like to receive Elk Country Chronicles every month, Subscribe Today~
(From what I can tell, you can sign up to receive the newsletter and videos without having to actually join the RMEF at the link above, and near the bottom of the page when you get there.) It is not just for those of us who belong to RMEF, it is there for everyone. Photos and questions can be emailed to:
Dear John,
Elk country, there is magic in it.

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For all else, please take the time to watch the video.
Vic Damico 2014
Here is the link to the video: It provides some really good information that is not being given by those who have an unconditional loyalty to those who are pushing the agenda based "global warming" theory.

I guess it is a state record, and pending world record for the species...
This is incredible and was caught in a river or stream in Michigan I think they say.
Check it out below, click on video in blue~
Guy catches 41.45 lb. I've caught a lot of trout before, including many Brown Trout, but never anything like this; not even close. The video doesn't mention exactly where by name, but I bet many fisherman are trying to find out now, lol.

Did you know the percentage is approaching 70%. Part of this is due to the vast amount of programming being aimed at women, and part of it is due to the fact that women have repeatedly proven themselves equal to the tasks that used be done by men. More and more women are heading up Production Companies, Post Production Companies and Advertising Agencies. I am curious as to how many women here realize the majority of people graduating from Journalism, Broadcasting, and Film Schools today are women. It may not be true in other industries, but women are beginning to dominate the television industry.

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